Ash Electrical Works Ltd. has been specializing since 1973 in the development and maintenance of electricity, control, communication and automation systems in industrial and public facilities.

Company projects are carried out using lift tables and manlifts that reach up to 62 meters, used mainly in large indoor spaces and for high-rise outdoor projects, such as installation and repair of road and street lighting.

We employ a highly professional, experienced staff.  The company is registered with the Israeli Contractors' Registrar and is ISO 9002 certified by the Standards Institution of Israel.

Company activities
 Installation and maintenance service for STS and different cranes.
  "HAYOVEL" project - Q21-23, Ashdod port (2006).
  The project includes installation, connection and commissioning issue
  of H.V  cables, 
  L.W. systems and all control and power panels (produced by Converteam)
 Installation of low voltage and high voltage lines
 Installation of lighting in soccer pitches & stadiums
 Installation of electrical and communication infrastructure in various projects
 Electrical works in showrooms
 Electrical works in chemical plants
 Rental of manlifts
 Design, manufacture & installation of highway lighting
 Installation of infrastructures for air conditioning systems

Company clients
Ash Electrical Works' clientele features numerous prominent private and public bodies, among them: Ashdod Municipality, Rishon LeZion Municipality, Holon Municipality, the Ministry of Defense (83536729), the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Electra, Israel Ports, Israel Railways, Ashdod Port Company, Israel Electric, Ashdod Oil Refinery, Solel Boneh, UMI, Colmobil, AFCON, Exel, Overseas Commerce, Conterm, Ashdod Shopping Mall, Rahama Bros., and more.